This is the real story about ArteroPk/DeviousPk
I (Graham) was owner and founder of RecklessPk, a succesful RSPS with lots of players.
I had programmed most of the source, it was all my work, nobody really participated in the development of it.
This source had a lot of potential back in the days and I thought, why not host a copy of it, so I did and called it DeviousPk.
I didn't have enough time to run Reckless & DeviousPk so I let Terrence run the server
Terrence scammed me for money had some strange life events which forced me to take DeviousPk away from him
I wanted DeviousPk to be in hands of a trusted person and because I knew Arthur IRL I decided to let him run it
for a part of the server income.
Arthur saw the server was making quite some money from donations and was looking for ways to not share them with me
He changed the name of DeviousPk to ArteroPk so he would have control of the domainname because I was owning
I did not expect such behaviour from a person I knew IRL and ended up getting nearly nothing from the server
(about 7% of the donations went to me, 2.5% went to ferry and each developer got paid about 2.5-4% and the rest went to Arthur)
He laughed at his staff as "slaves" and even paid glis to wash his car (Audi S5) IRL
Ferry and the developers did all the work, Arthur only gave orders, he doesn't even know how to develop himself lol
Eventually he told me he had spent all of the donations on entertainment (nightclubs and speed tickets, always drove 50 km/h faster than allowed)
and could not pay me out because of that
He did however have more frequent updates than Reckless had (later renamed to InstantPk)
In august 2015 he suggested me to merge the servers because he had more updates and said it would be good for RecklessPk players, said we could
sign a contract in which we agreed that I would be getting 40% every month but he already wanted to scam me again
He didn't want to pay the 40% so he came up with a 'management fee' which he paid to himself that was part of he expenses and he pretended server had higher costs
I ended up getting about 30-35% then but he still wanted more money so he decided to fake a server hack, blame it on me,
kick me out of the server and then take the full 100% because I would no longer be part of it.
He decided it would make him more money long-term.

I don't really appreciate such behaviour and I would suggest everyone to charge back his donations because this kind of person
clearly does not deserve to have this money which he claims is for the developers.
I hope I've all cleared your mind
I will do everything I can to get my 40% back which we agreed on, we both signed this contract
I don't think Artero has much longer to live unless I get paid again, I've prepared very strong attacks on the server
I can make the server crash easily, there's too many exploits that I can abuse
I've already done some tests on the server (mostly localhost because I have the source) and they all succeeded, let 700 bots log in on the server etc -> lag and crash
The attacks I've prepared are much stronger and don't cause any errors in the server console
In 3 weeks,if no payment is received, the server is dead, I don't suggest donating until March because there's
a good possibility the server will never be up after that.
I know very well how the server works, I have studied the source very well and know many vulnerabilities in the code
I've shown all the financial data to Ferry, he knows it's all real
This is my last warning

Graham - Founder of RecklessPk/InstantPk/DeviousPk