DeviousPk is a economy RSPS that has been running since 2010. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just “spawning and pking”, we offer fully functioning skills (including dungeoneering & summoning), custom minigames, and exciting PvM.

Why join DeviousPk?

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  • A metric shitton of drops have been redone (Around 600) by a program that I wrote today to balance drops.
  • Muted people will not be able to message anymore at all (even PM)
  • Every little thing is logged now.
  • Well of Fortune now holds more gold, so there is plentry more to donate to it!
  • Wrote a toolkit for us to do certain aspects faster (changing drops, item values, etc)

That's really about it, today was a mainenance day. I hope to be able to work on combat a little tomorrow, but it will depend how my studying goes. Also, Josh is the thank for the extensive logging :)

Have a nice day!


I've added the ability to set your Display Name to an image, such as mine (Look left!).

What happens is you get your own Rank, which only you have. Your ingame rank/normal rank will be shown by the userbar for that rank being uploaded (Look at mine again!)

The image must be small; around the dimensions of 62x18 pixels (My own).

In order to get this onto your account, you must be either a Mythical Donator in-game, or you must be an Active Contributor to the Server, both in-game and on forums. It will not be given to everyone, and it will not be given soon (Unless you are a Mythical Donator). 
In order to get the rank by contributing to the server, you need to remain active on both forums and ingame, partake in suggestions, report bugs, basically anything that goes above and beyond the average player. The rank is a symbol of appreciation for a players hard work.

You can request the rank, only if you are a mythical donator. If a Staff Member thinks you are worthy of obtaining this feature, I will PM you and we can discuss it.


In the upcoming days, I will be working to make the forums better and bug-free. If you know of ANY bugs, PM ME IMMEDIATELY.

Please leave any questions you have below.


Sean has been promoted to Forum Administrator/Global Moderator.

He will also still be staff on ArteroPK, in case some of you are wondering.